This is a current list of home child care providers and centers. It is important to us for you to find the child care that is right for you and your child. Please review the information provided before making calls to the provider.  Meet with as many providers as you feel necessary before making your decision. Be sure to take your child with you when you meet with a provider. This will give you a chance to see if your child seems comfortable in the child care setting.  It is also important to note that some providers may only offer care Monday thru Thursday, this information may play a role in your decision.

Please be sure to make your provider selection before submitting your application for child care assistance. Don’t forget to verify that the provider has the openings for your child(ren).

Types of Child Care Providers:

  • Type B Providers are licensed by the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services and can care for up to 6 children in their home, with no more than 3 children under the age of 2 years in care at any time. Their own children, under the age of 6, are included in the total of 6 children. All adults in the provider’s residence, their substitute provider(s) and staff members/employees have completed a criminal background check that includes fingerprinting. Licensed providers, their substitute provider(s) and child care staff members must complete yearly training and the provider’s home is inspected at least twice per year. Type B providers are monitored.
  • Child Care Centers are licensed by the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services.  Child Care Centers are monitored by the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services.

Tips on choosing the child care that is right for you and your child:     


  • Is the provider able to provide care for all the days/hours you are needing?
  • How will information be communicated?
  • Is the provider willing to give references?
  • For a tour of the home/center. 
  • Will the provider have a problem if you just drop by unexpectedly?
  • To see their outside play area. Is there trash in the yard? If there is a pet, are the pet droppings kept picked up and is the pet friendly?
  • What days do they provide care?


  • How are you greeted by the provider?
  • Does the provider acknowledge and speak to your child when you arrive?
  • Is the home/center clean, comfortable and “kid friendly”?
  • Is there a Daily Activities Schedule posted and followed?
  • Are the activities/crafts appropriate for the age of your child?
  • Does the provider interact with the children in their care?
  • Is the provider involved with the children, such as with a craft or a game?                                      

If you feel there may be an issue or concern with a Type A or B child care provider, please contact Lisa Myers, Child Care Licensing Specialist at Marion County Job & Family Services, 740-223-1923, or email  All calls/emails may remain confidential.

If you feel there may be an issue or concern with a Child Care Center, please contact the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services, 1-866-635-3748.

Child Care Provider List