Ohio Child Support Customer Service Web Portal

The Ohio Child Support Customer Service Web Portal is Ohio’s web-based application which provides customers easy on-demand access to their case information, currently on file with the Child Support agency.  Once registered, customers may quickly and conveniently view personal, address, employment and health insurance information, along with support order and payment information (two years of support payment information may be viewed and printed).  Customers can also send messages to their county Child Support agency, as well as request updates to their address, employment and/or health insurance information by using the portal’s Message Center.

Ohio Child Support Customer Service Web Portal Registration Information

Ohio Child Support Customer Service Web Portal Login

Ohio Child Support Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

The IVR system is the phone-in telephone response system for the Ohio Child Support Program.  The IVR system provides information on payments and balances.  

Ohio Child Support IVR: 1-800-860-2555


The Marion County Child Support Enforcement Agency is committed to providing quality services to families through assisting in establishing paternity, establishing and enforcing child support orders and collecting and disbursing child support payments.

Children benefit when both parents work together in taking care of their emotional and financial and medical needs. Children do not lose this right, or need it any less if their parents live apart.

Be In touch! Parents are many times a great source of information. If you have location and employment information for the other parent, please share this information with the CSEA.

Be Informed! Learn all you can about your child support case. Call (740) 387-6688 or (800) 960-5437 or make an appointment to meet with your child support case manager if you would prefer to meet in person. An appointment is not required but recommended to ensure the availability of your case manager.

Know your Rights and Responsibilities and State Hearing Procedures!


Services the Marion County CSEA does not have the authority to provide:

• Grant visitation or resolve visitation disputes

• Grant or change custody

• Order the payment of medical bills or resolve medical bill disputes