Protect Your SNAP Benefits!

You now have the ability to lock your EBT card using the EBT Connect Mobile App and online using the EBT Cardholder Portal (

*In order to utilize the Mobile App, you must first register/create an account on the EBT Cardholder portal.

You are encouraged to select the ‘Lock Everywhere’ option when not actively making a purchase. This will reduce the risk for benefits to be fraudulently stolen.

Additionally, you can now sign up for email and text alerts on the Connect EBT Mobile App and the EBT Cardholder Portal  – in order to receive alerts for new transactions (purchases, returns, deposits, etc.) and if there are changes made to your account (address, PIN, password, etc.). These alerts will help manage activity on your account.

For any issues with the locking or alert functionality, contact the EBT customer service line at 1-866-386-3071.