Emancipation Affidavit

Emancipation of a child occurs when the child turns 18 years of age and is not attending an accredited high school; turns 18 years of age and has graduated from an accredited high school; or turns 19 years of age and is still attending an accredited high school, whichever occurs last or unless otherwise stated in a court order.

When a child is emancipated, Marion County Child Support will request that the court discontinue the order to pay child support. Either parent can notify the agency of a child’s emancipation by submitting a Child Support Emancipation Affidavit.

To help prevent delays, please fill in all sections that apply, sign and date the signature lines. Return completed form to the agency.

Mail to:

Marion County Child Support Enforcement

620 Leader Street

Marion, OH 43302



Fax to:

(740) 387-2175