Federal Government Shutdown – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Assistance) Early Issuance


February Food Assistance (SNAP) Was Delivered Early.  Customers who use SNAP EBT should keep in mind that February food dollars were issued on January 16, 2019.  This means that you may have two months’ worth of food dollars on your account this month. No food dollars will be added in February.  The early food dollars are meant to help with next month’s food.  We encourage our SNAP-participating customers to plan their purchases carefully so that they have money available to meet their food needs.

Individuals who are newly applying for Food Assistance (SNAP), or are completing recertification applications, should provide any outstanding documentation to their County Department of Job and Family Services, as soon as possible (by Monday, Jan. 28, 2019).  At this time the Federal government has confirmed applications and Recertifications will be processed up to January 30th.  After that date, the continued issuance of SNAP benefits will be determined by the status of the Federal government shutdown.



  • February Benefits are being Issued in January. 

  • No Additional Benefits Will Be Issued in February

  • Verifications (Pay Stubs, Rent Receipts, Etc.) for all new applications and recertifications should be received by Marion County Job & Family Services no later than Monday, January 28, 2019.

  • There is No Urgency to Spend Food Benefits Immediately.Benefits on EBT cards remain active for 12 Months.


Link to resources for consumers whose income is interrupted, compliments of The Ohio State University Extension:


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