Child Care Providers Recognized By Commissioners

Board of Marion County Commissioners

Proclaim May as “CHILD CARE PROVIDER APPRECIATION MONTH” in Marion County, Ohio


WHEREAS; the National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies, Marion County Job & Family Services, Marion County residents and other organizations nationwide are recognizing Child Care Providers during the month of May; and

WHEREAS; quality early child services, such as child care, represent a valuable investment in our children’s future, as well as the future of our county and state; and,

WHEREAS; family child care professionals play an important role in cultivating, supporting, and educating young children in a warm, loving, and culturally competent environment to meet the needs of families; and,

WHEREAS; by calling attention to the importance of quality child care services for all children and families in our county, child care providers are working with other organizations statewide to enhance the quality and availability of such services; and

WHEREAS; Marion County residents are encouraged to recognize child care providers throughout the county for their dedication to providing quality care and learning services, and for the important role they play in our children’s future.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED; that the Board of Marion County Commissioners do hereby proclaim May 2021 as “CHILD CARE PROVIDER APPRECIATION MONTH” in Marion County, Ohio.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF; we, the Board of Commissioners of Marion County, Ohio, have hereunto subscribed our names and caused the official seal of Marion County, Ohio, to be affixed this 13th day of May 2021

Kerr E. Murray, President

Andy Appelfeller, Commissioner

Kenneth H. Stiverson, Commissioner